Small Gift  •  120 x 44 x 8 cm  •  2016  •  Oil on wood, things wrapped in wool, 2-part

Small Gift • 120 x 44 x 8 cm • 2016 • Oil on wood, things wrapped in wool, 2-part

Subjectivity - the obligation towards the self - and the reflection of conditions of society are fundamental for my work. I paint representative, due to a narrative quality. The narration continues in series. I paint in semi- transparent layers. The process gives time for development. It gives the painting a special haptic and color characteristic.

Form comes before the word. Form allows a comprehension and communication with a painting, which is going beyond cognition and semantics. A form is never corruptible (you see what you get!). A form includes the negative, but never negation. It is authentic and immediate. In the painting, motif and format determine the form.


Art is mainly a question of identity and self-assurance, individual as well as collective. It speaks about experiments, beliefs and conceptions. Acceptance and dislikes are negotiated by means of art. It shows how people want to see themselves and at the same time the "something other". It shows how people want to be recognized in the future. Art is a mental space which must be filled.

How to Repair a Chair - the Process of Making a Series of Oil Paintings

The development of a series of painting begins with the decision for a specific format, motive and colors. The decision implicates also setting up certain restrictions. In order to solve these restrictions, I wanted to make space for the coincidence. After the first layers of paint I let the color run over the motives, and repainted them later on. I repeated this procedure. I made recordings with the camcorder as digital notes, as I often write something down or take photos while working on a series. - This is a small format video . -

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